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The Postal Lawsuit Dismissed, On Hook Of Legal Charges

Mike Postle concluded that he had enough fights and moved to reject any claims against those of those who he thought had sullied his reputation.

The defamation suit of Postle Ditched

Letters, Poker, Deck, Casino, RecordsFollowing the motion lodged on April Fool’s Day, online casino the Supreme Court of California, County of Sacramento dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against Veronica Brill and a host of others in October last year for a loss of $330 million from the poker career and repute of his opponents at Stones Gambling Hall in Citro.

The defamation action was a result of a mediation contract on the case against Postle, King’s Casino and Justin Kuraitis, in which 60 of the 88 claimants decided in August to release defendants, including Mike Postle from further proceeders, to provide other complainants the opportunity to lodge an amended accusation, including Veronica Brill, the first public defendant who had suspected Postle of cheating.

Previously, Judge William B. Shubb of the East District of California rejected all the charges against the accused with prejudice, leaving the possibility of the revised King’s Casino and Kuraitis lawsuit. In November, Judge Shubb rejected the remaining complainants because there was no revised lawsuit.

Fees under law

Mike Postle was not denied access to the case for legal costs incurred by any of his parties for ruining his reputation. In the meantime, he hired leading lawyers to present an anti-SLAPP motions in his own defence and against Postle, while Postle had released Procureur Steven. The latest move to dismiss the defamation case against both Veronica Brill ESPN

Following the motion to reject Postle, Todd Witteles’s lawyer Eric Bensamochan promptly requested on behalf of Wittles to hold Postle in the hook for the attorney’s fees, which was paid on April 2 by the court and set a date for the trial on May 12.

Veronica Brill’s counsel Marc Randazza claimed that the request that Postle reject the case resulted in an automatic loss of his motion against him against the anti-SLAPP suit, meaning that he will also transfer Brill’s legal fee proceedings to date.

Counsel of Postle

Gambling, Sweepstakes, Poker, Luck, PlayA further advancement was the connection of Mike Postle to the HONR Network, a Non Profit organised in 2014 in connection with one parent of the survivor of the massacre of Sandy Hook based on the reporting and removal of defamatory, bullying, doxing and other civil rights, as well as TOS infringing material.

Marc Randazza pointed out that “Merrell behaved in a manner consistent with being counsel of Postle,” detailing his calling and that of his partner Postle, as well as similar background in the attorney’s office, who was then to speak to HONR’s director instead of the so-called non-legal Mike Postle representative.


In the US District Court of the Eastern District of California all charges against Mike Postle and the defendants have been dropped. Judge William b Shubb dismissed claims for bribery and forbearance against Mike Postle and forced an unfair enrichment with a prejudicial impact, opened the door to the appeal, while claims against King’s Casino were dismissed with an authorization for reckless misrepresentation, incompetence, fraud and dilemma. Claimants had 20 days to submit a modified appeal. Applicants

Debunking 5 Online Poker Myths

Online Poker

When you start learning more about poker, you can easily debunk the myths that surround the game in different places. Poker is a game of skills, strategies, and luck. It is not a surprise that people have made up rumors about the game. Some are meant to keep out the rookies, while others are meant to attract them. Online poker is growing in popularity around the world due to ease of access. Today we look at some of the poker myths that are spreading around the online poker communities.

Online Poker

Online poker is rigged

You may hear this even from people who have never played online poker in their lives. Many believe that online poker is rigged to loot people for their money. The reason behind this myth is probably the players who did not prepare themselves for online poker and ended up losing a lot of money. Of course, some scams and scandals have happened in the past, but it does not make every online poker platform rigged. If you choose a reputed and licensed site to play, you are assured of playing a fair poker game.

Good players always win

If you are playing against a pro, chances are they will make better calculative decisions than you. However, it does not ensure that they will always win. Although professionals will win in most cases in the long term, short-term poker variance allows even beginners to make a quick profit from the game. You do not have to feel that pros will always win over you.

Online poker offers chances to bluff

Bluffing is an important strategy that will help you out during the games. However, it does not guarantee you a victory. You can only bluff with bad hands, and if your opponent catches your bluff, it is over. Bluffing may seem easier online, but the experts suggest that you always stick to your basic strategy while playing online. Most players do not expect bluffs and will not feel the pressure of your bluff when you are not present around them.

Poker is all about reads

If you think you are good at reading your opponents in poker, you can make real money in the game. However, it is hard to read players online because you cannot see other players. That is why online poker is more about creating strategies without reads and using actual mathematics to play your hands.

Learn with free-to-play games

Many beginners think they can learn poker strategies using free games. Free poker games are filled with careless players who do not care about losing their money. You cannot learn anything more than poker rules in the free games. Players make drastic decisions while playing for free, and they do not care about risking their money. If you want to learn poker strategies, you should play real money poker games at low stakes.